Footloose Presents

YES to Everything

Featuring original premiere performances by Heather Gold, Nikolas Strubbe, Eric Rubin, Dalton Alexander, Theresa Donahoe and Aimee Tomczak.

YES to Everything Series schedule: (descriptions follow below):

Friday Sept 22:    Dalton Alexander, Nikolas Strubbe
Saturday Sept 23:    Theresa Donahoe, Aimee Tomczak
Friday Sept 29:    Aimee Tomczak, Nikolas Strubbe
Saturday Sept 30:    Heather Gold, Theresa Donahoe
Friday Oct 6:    Dalton Alexander, Eric Rubin
Saturday Oct 7:    Eric Rubin, Nikolas Strubbe

San Francisco, California, August 8, 2017: Footloose presents the ongoing YES to Everything series three weeks September 22 through October 7, 2017 at SAFEhouse Arts in San Francisco's Civic Center. All the guest artists have written and will perform in their own theatrical and musical pieces. The six featured artists are: Heather Gold, Nikolas Strubbe, Eric Rubin, Dalton Alexander, Theresa Donahoe, and Aimee Tomczak.

Footloose is devoted to supporting local, national, and international artists in the creation and completion of original theater. Artistic Director/Producer, Mary Alice Fry is constantly on the move to see new work, meet the artists and invite them to bring fresh ideas and their talents to indoor and outdoor venues across the Bay Area. Footloose presents outdoor performance installations, full theatrical runs and reading series for poets and playwrights. The company operates Spring Fall Studio in the historic Sawtooth Building in West Berkeley making it available for rent to the community and for its own AIM: Artists in Motion residencies for dancers.

YES to Everything returns in December, 2017 in the new SAFEhouse Arts venue at 145 Eddy in San Francisco's expanding theater district in the Tenderloin.

About the plays and playwrights:

Everything is Subject to Change
Written and performed by Heather Gold

Heather Goldis a writer and performer based in Oakland, California. Everything Is Subject to Change is about loss in a time when the pace of loss is accelerating. Our economy is changing, industries are ending, structures are falling apart and something new is being born. Heather's work is focused on public intimacy: creating space and platforms that allow us to connect as our whole, different selves together in public. The Heather Gold Show, which mashed up diverse doers and performers with the audience in large scale conversations that got past the surface, appeared at Sketchfest and SXSW. Gold appeared in a LOGO TV pilot and worked on both seasons on the Emmy-nominated AOL hit web series The Future Starts Here. Heather co-founded and hosted the podcasts and Morning Jew. Her solo show, I Look Like An Egg, but Identify As A Cookie, won Curve's National Lesbian Theatre Award and was named Best of the Bay by the Oakland Tribune. Gold has baked over 50,000 chocolate chip cookies with audiences and guests as diverse as actress/playwright Lisa Kron, chef Elizabeth Falkner, Oakland's own Bake Sale Betty, and performer Ron Campbell. Gold's current storytelling series,Yarn, is an inclusive show that features comedic stories especially by and for women who are "Hollywood Old." The popular culture blog Boing Boing calls her "brilliant” and “one of our favourite comedians.” The Austin Chronicle claimed, “A set of wits equal to any major player on Comedy Central.” The Hairpin wrote, "Different from what most people think of as stand-up.” Read full article here