Fill as Desired
ODC Dance Commons: SUN JAN 24; FRI JAN 29
Composed by Amy X Neuburg
Performed by Amy X Neuburg and Solstice: Emily Bender, Becca Burrington, Lark Coryell, Krista Enos, Mari Marjamaa, Kim Warsaw and Sara Webb-Schmitz

Amy X Neuburg performs with Solstice vocal ensemble in a song cycle for female voices in her distinctive style with live looping electronics. The songs are based on recipes that were collected by women in the Terezin concentration camp, (first published as "In Memory's Kitchen"). Sung in English, German and Czech, Neuburg's poetic texts on fantasy as a means of survival are cleverly layered with humor and poignancy. The award-winning, a capella ensemble, Solstice will open with a set of world music.

Amy X Neuburg is a luminary in the local new music scene, known for her innovative works for voice and live electronics and her wide vocal range. She has performed throughout the U.S. and abroad at venues as diverse as the Other Minds and Bang on a Can festivals, the Berlin International Poetry festival, and the Christchurch and Wellington Jazz Festivals (NZ). A recipient of numerous grants and commissions, Amy also composes regularly for chamber ensembles, dance and visual media. Solstice, noted for their precise and passionate treatments of music for women's voices, has garnered awards in the Bay Area and National Harmony Sweepstakes as well as a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award.

"A wonderful composer-performer...Her songs channel the rhythms of urban life through the seriocomic sensibility of a born entertainer." - Joshua Kosman, SF Chronicle

Amy X Neuburg, Composer: The Secret Language of Subways, SF Chronicle review by Joshua Kosman, June 6, 2009:
Amy X Neuburg, Composer: Fill as Desired, J.Weekly preview by Emily Savage, October 15, 2009:

Pluto in Capricorn
ODC Dance Commons: FRI JAN 22; SUN JAN 24; SAT JAN 30; SUN JAN 31 Matinee 5:00 pm
Anne Bluethenthal & Dancers/ABD Productions
Choreographed by Anne Bluethenthal
Performed by Anne Bluethenthal, Heidi Buehler, Chin-chin Hsu and Liz Tenuto
Original music by Marc Ream; Text by Carolyn Cooke and Anne Bluethenthal;
Set design by Matthew DeGumbia

Pluto, planet of death, transformation and rebirth, has migrated into the constellation Capricorn, ruler of material systems, identity, and action where it will remain for 26 years. "Expect one's personal and global infrastructure to undergo major renovation," says Bluethenthal. Says writer Sarah Stone, "With her collaborators, she captures the humor and the sadness inherent in our experience of the passage of time, and depicts, with a mixture of elegance and wit, the bewilderment of navigating loss and destruction. The precision of each gesture emphasizes the irretrievable specificity of each moment. The overall effect is to embody the whole range of our responses to peril, from obstructing or battling each other to connecting with and supporting each other."

Anne Bluethenthal is founder and Artistic Director of ABD Productions, a multi-cultural, woman centered, collaborative dance ensemble, committed to activism in the arts. For 25 years, her choreographies face difficult issues such as Palestine-Israel, globalization, the environment, genocide, and the gift economy. She is on the faculties of the MFA Creative Inquiry Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, the MA Women's Spirituality Program at Institute for Transpersonal Psychology and the Acting Program at Academy of Art University.

"… Bluethenthal doesn't invent steps, she reveals them...as a bit of organic reality preselected for our enjoyment. [Her] work resonates with the strong gutsy integrity of dance that comes from a heart-felt center." - Janice Ross, Oakland Tribune

"... Her work is brainy, her own, and full of soul, and without her voice, the chorus of Bay Area dance would be so much more impoverished." - Rita Felciano, Bay Guardian

ODC Dance Commons: FRI JAN 22; SAT JAN 23; FRI JAN 29
Christine Cali & Dancers
Created by Christine Cali in collaboration with the company
Performed by Christine Cali, Ashley Burnett, Oscar Gutierrez, Tyson Miller, Adderly Biggelow, Emmaly Weiderholt, Christi Welter, Mo Miner, Sebastian Grubb, Suzanne Bearhs and Amy Kingwill
Music composed and played live by Tim Frick & Friends

Christine Cali openly challenges social constructs with a no-holds-barred, unruly, yet well crafted ensemble performance. It simultaneously confronts and disarms with humor and humility. Cali exposes what happens to the characters when their perfectly messy, transparent trajectories intersect. This potent dance theater promises unabashed dancing with music layered live by Tim Frick who builds handmade basses, plays with Indie Rock band, Parts for People, tours regularly (most recently in Japan) and composed the score for Cali's 2004 collaborative dance theater project, The Sound That Comes Out.

Named "…one of the most ferocious, spellbinding dancers I've seen in this city." by Rachel Howard of the SF Examiner in 2001, Cali recently returned to San Francisco from Seoul, South Korea, where she was a Visiting Dance Professor at SungKyunKwan University (2006-2008). Cali holds an MFA in Dance from Hollins University/the American Dance Festival (2006), co-directed projectLIMB in Brooklyn, NY (2003-2006) and founded/directed CaliCO Dance in SF (1998-2003). Cali was a guest choreographer at The University of San Francisco (Dec 2009); an AIR (artist in residence) at The Garage; recently performed with peck peck dance ensemble; SF Moving Men; Joe Goode's Traveling Light installation at The Mint; with Sebastian Grubb and Himma Dance which she co-directs with Amy Helmstetter. She also teaches dance at ODC Dance Commons and Shotwell Studios.

Aerial Mirror
ODC Dance Commons: SAT JAN 23; SAT JAN 30; SUN JAN 31 5:00 matinee
Created and performed by Stephanie and Valerie Koechlin

Stephanie and Valerie Koechlin are in their second year of the professional aerial program at the Circus Center. They work 5 days a week to perfect their aerial hoop act. South Americans from Peru, the twin sisters have both worked for three years in a well known circus there called La Tarumba. After that, they enrolled in the National Circus School in Brazil for a semester, but opted instead to move to San Francisco.

Falling Away
ODC Dance Commons: SAT JAN 23; SAT JAN 30; SUN JAN 31 5:00 matinee
Sonya Smith & Dancers
Choreographed by Sonya Smith
Performed by Kelly Kemp, Valerie Scott, Sonya Smith with vocalists Susan Appe and
Jamie Ben-azay; and cellist Jessica Ivry

This delicately woven aerial work threads traditional vocal music and solo cello with the magic and explosiveness of bungee-and-harness dancing. The apparatus allows the dance to hover at the edges of physical impossibilities, creating "affecting images" (Mary Ellen Hunt, SF Chronicle) within an achingly beautiful performance. In this intimate setting, the audience thrills with a visceral reaction to the reality of flight and sound.

A lifelong athlete, Sonya Smith discovered dance at Macalester College while earning a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies. Her choreography combines aerial apparatus, modern dance and contact improvisation and has been presented in Portland, Kansas City, and San Francisco at numerous venues. Smith is in demand as a performer with Bay Area artists including, Epiphany Productions, Project Bandaloop, Zaccho Dance Theater, Eat Cake Productions and Lizz Roman and Dancers. Recently she appeared in Berkeley Playhouse's Peter Pan and Dance Brigade's Great Liberation Upon Hearing.


I Used to Write on Walls (West Coast premiere)
Shotwell Studios: THUR JAN 14; FRI JAN 15; SAT JAN 23; SUN JAN 24; THUR JAN 28; FRI JAN 29
Written by Bekah Brunstetter
Directed by Allison Troup-Jensen
Cast: Alicia Blasingame, Tina D’Elia, Melvina Jones, Adrienne Krug, Katie Rubin and Cole Alexander Smith

Critically acclaimed, New York playwright, Bekah Brunstetter brings her cutting wit to the San Francisco stage in this dynamic, anti-romantic comedy. Tough-talking lady cop Diane is looking for love. Slam poet Georgia just wants to be heard and Joanne is making the world more beautiful one makeover at a time. Three dramatically different women share one common bond: the man between their sheets. Trevor, a sexy but clueless charmer, seems to fill the holes they cannot heal… temporarily. When Trevor’s beautiful 13 year old cousin, Anna, and a mysterious astronaut, Mona, enter the mix, Trevor finds himself in more trouble than he can handle. Brunstetter asks,”when all we crave is love, how far will we go to cover up the truth that is so clearly written on the walls?”

Brunstetter and director Allison Troup-Jensen have joined forces to create COUNTERPOINT, an international artistic collaborative, aimed at an East Coast/West Coast exchange of the most innovative writing from around the world. The playwright is winner of the New York Innovative Theater Award for Best New Full Length Play in 2006 and 2008 and Samuel French Short Play Festival Winner in 2008. Brunstetter’s language, called “exquisite” by Broadway World, has a “dialogue that sings and expresses character with telling detail.” NYTheatre.com calls her “Remarkable… Brunstetter goes way past the expected to rip through the gut while you're laughing…Marvelously perverse humor.”

Bekah Brunstetter is the 2009 playwright in residence at Ars Nova in New York City. Her plays include: OORAH!, TO NINEVEH (NY Innovative Theater Award for Best new full length play, 2006) SICK (winner, Samuel French OOB Short Play Festival 2006), GREEN (Finalist, Alliance Theater's Kendeda Competition; National Finalist, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival; Semi-finalist, O'Neill 2007), SPACE (semi-finalist, Princess Grace Award 2007) I USED TO WRITE ON WALLS, FAT KIDS ON FIRE YOU MAY GO NOW: A MARRIAGE PLAY (nominee, Cherry Lane Mentorship, 2008 semi-finalist, O'Neill 2008, winner, 2008 NYIT award for Best New Full Length Play [Babel Theater Project]), ARMS (Finalist, Heidemann Award, 2007; HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ I'M DEAD (Samuel French OOB Short Play Festival Finalist, 2007), MISS LILLY GETS BONED (Nominee, 2008 L. Arnold Weissberger Award), CELEBRITY, and TORCH NUMBER 2 (SOHO Think Tank.), and F*CKING ART (Winner, Samuel French OOB Short Play Festival 2008). Her plays have been read and produced by many companies. She is a member Ars Nova play group, The Playwright's Center, At Play Productions, Dramatist's Guild, Women's Project Writer's Lab. As of May 2007, she is a proud recipient of an MFA in Dramatic Writing from the New School for Drama.

Allison Troup-Jensen is an international theatre director, actor and choreographer residing in New York City. She is making her West Coast directing debut with the WOW festival. NY directing and choreography credits include, The Mannequin's Ball by Bruno Jasienski for the Perfoma 09 Festival, Material Man by Ji-Woo Hwang for Prelude 09 and a workshop production at The Martin Segal Theatre Center of Ecouter Space7 an international new writing collaboration for a new site specific piece inspired by the work of the late photographer, Francesca Woodman. UK credits include Tristan Bates Theatre, The Jermyn Street Theatre, The Savoy Theatre West End, Theatre 503, The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Crucible Theatre. Allison is a resident director for Dry Write in London and is a member of the Bush Future Associates at The Bush Theatre London.

Theater of the Crackpot Crones
Shotwell Studios: SUN JAN 17 matinee 2pm, SUN JAN 17 8pm;
Written and performed by Terry Baum and Carolyn Myers

Terry Baum (hip, cosmopolitan and single lesbian) and Carolyn Myers (small-town heterosexual housewife and mother of two), are funny feminists and best friends. Their chemistry is unstoppable as they erupt with sketch comedy, spoken word and improvisation based on audience suggestions. These Crones are a fount of ancient wisdom and moral outrage. Eve goes into therapy after 5,000 years of feeling guilty. GoddessZilla and Fembo attack Congress with their legislative agenda; and when that fails, they just attack!

"…quick-witted analysis of everything in the world from ancient global goddesses to current politics. They play with language and ideas in a fast forward acting style that will leave your heart racing and your muscles sore from laughing." - Rosemary Keefe, retired women's studies professor and co-editor of Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence.

Baum and Myers were core members of Lilith Women's Theater Collective, founded in 1975 in San Francisco. In 1980, they wrote Dos Lesbos, A Play By, For and About Perverts which was a long running hit locally; was produced all over the world (translated into Dutch, Italian and Swedish); inspired the first anthology of lesbian plays; and, offended the Pope during World Pride 2000 in Rome. Myers is now with The Hamazons, Warrior Princesses of Comedy, a traveling improv troupe based in Ashland. According to the SF Chronicle, Baum is "A lesbian Woody Allen." She has a long list of credits and was last seen in Baum for Peace, a musical about her 2004 run for U.S. Congress.

To read Robert Hurwitt's profile about Terry Baum in the SF Chronicle June 14, 2009 visit:

Get Up...Secret Agent Pretty Smart!
Shotwell Studios: SAT JAN 16; SUN JAN 17 matinee 2pm, SUN JAN 17 8pm
Created and performed by Olivia Hallie Lehrman

This one-comedienne show runs the gamut from clown to magic, with musical acrobatics, upside-down playing concertina, pulling rabbits from her satin red top hat and saving the world--all without a net! Lehrman sheds light on our inner superheroes, showing how people can break the confines of habitual and sleepy daily patterns.

Olivia Lehrman has recently been seen as the drunk acrobat clown in Espana Streb's flying trapeze act. After a year with Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey circus as a troupe member of the Flying Caceres, training with Giovanni Fusetti, and teaching all sorts of circus arts and Pilates, she finally gets to combine them. She has performed character, aerial, and clown work with Boulder, Colorado's Octopus League, as part of Naropa University's Master Thesis Projects, as actor-creator member of Cirque Boom, on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and twice at Carnegie Hall. She is currently fundraising for the next Clowns Without Borders trip to Haiti.

The Digital Sense
Shotwell Studios: SAT JAN 16; FRI JAN 22; SUN JAN 31
Concept, video and sound design by Calypso
Performed by Calypso and Summer Bowie

In this riveting, hilarious and unique multimedia show, Calypso clowns and dances between being onstage to being projected on a screen. Growing up in southern California with sitcom role models and cartoon friends, Calypso's dream that images on the screen would talk back and relate to her comes alive. She is born from stardust in the cosmos, searches for herself, and comes of age as a child of the digital terrain. She calls attention to how the proliferation of digital imagery is transforming our understanding of ourselves and can inspire laughter and play in the face of adversity.

Calypso spent nine months in residency at the Garage this year to build the piece. A graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in Art Practice, and the Clown Conservatory of the San Francisco Circus Center, Calypso toured nationally performing in theaters, festivals, universities and street corners. She will tour with The Dreamtime Circus to Peru to perform and teach circus skills to children while investigating clowning, ecology, and consciousness.

The T Sisters
Shotwell Studios: SAT JAN 16; SAT JAN 30; SUN JAN 31
Written and performed by Rachel, Erika and Chloe Tietjen

From vintage folk classics, to good ole' Americana; from pop to country, the T Sisters are a folk trio whose biological similarities enhance their rich harmonies and songwriting. Their original music is inspired by ancient folk tales, mythology, magic and nature. Like mythical Sirens, the Sister's sound has both haunting and ecstatic qualities as evidenced by their recent foray into musical theater with their hit show A Murmured Tale showcased as part of the AIM: Artists in Motion residency at Shotwell presented by Footloose in June, 2009. The T Sisters will be coming out with their first CD next spring.

The Evolution of a Kiss
Shotwell Studios: THUR JAN 21; SAT JAN 30
Written and performed by Cynthia Brinkman

Told in painstaking honesty and hilarity, these tales of passion and desire traverse three generations and two countries--Mexico and the United States. Brinkman's solo show is based on first hand accounts of three young women's first kisses. A frequent reader for Get Mortified (where people read from their own ridiculous teenaged journals to sold out audiences), Cynthia was inspired to expose her own story, her mother's and her grandmother's. Female empowerment and sexual expression prevail time and time again.

Cynthia Brinkman is a local actress who has appeared in Impact Theatre's Money and Run and Intersection for the Art's Lorca Festival. She is a core member of Queer Girl Theatre Project and debuted Kiss with their solo performance series in August, 2009 at The Garage and returned there for the 2009 San Francisco Fringe Festival.

Stephanie Teel, Singer/Songwriter
Shotwell Studios: FRI JAN 22; SAT JAN 30


Native San Franciscan, Stephanie Teel is a multi-talented musician playing acoustic and electric guitar and flute. She is also a dynamic lead vocalist. One is immediately drawn to Stephanie's rich and soulful voice. Her original songs from her debut album More Than A Dream portray images of the sea, life and love. Stephanie's professionalism is a result of many years playing all types of music at a variety of venues. She has played in the Zazu Pitts band, with the band War and members of Santana, Tower Of Power and Huey Lewis.


The Garage: THUR JAN 14; FRI JAN 15; SUN JAN 24; FRI JAN 29; SUN JAN 31
Dark Porch Theatre
Written by Martin Schwartz
Directed and Choreographed by Margery Fairchild
Performed by Nathan Tucker, Alison Sacha Ross and Ensemble

Winner of the 2009 San Francisco Fringe Festival's Best of Fringe Award, acclaimed by critics and an audience favorite, Cockroach stars Nathan Tucker as an eternal wanderer "…played to a kind of operatic perfection…" according to Robert Avila theater critic for the SF Bay Guardian. The weird poetics of Martin Schwartz's text react with the volatile physicality of Margery Fairchild's choreography in this exhilarating vision which draws on Noh theater, performance art and European dance theater. Tucker's character is goaded on by a female disciplinarian and a trio of dancers. The piece unfolds in an eerie electro acoustic musical environment created by Derek Phillips.

"… a gently unsettling, gritty probe of the demons in the mind of an unstable homeless man. Nathan Tucker's intense performance anchors the piece, aided and bedeviled by Alison Sacha Ross, who also delivers a beguiling rumination on the difference between a penis and a head of state."

Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 11, 2009
Dark Porch Theatre was founded in 2002 by Margery Fairchild in Portland, Oregon. DPT has presented, among other works, Hen! (Noh Space, 2005); Under the Bed: A Fairy Tale Set in Purgatory (The Garage Theatre, 2007); and most recently, the hit play The In Betweens (EXIT Theatre, 2009) which will return in 2010.

Spring Wedding
The Garage: THUR JAN 14; SUN JAN 17; FRI JAN 22
Created and Performed by Terre Unité Parker and Open Experiments Ensemble:
Iu-Hui Chua, Joy Cosculluela and Christian Nagler

With all the highs, lows, strange encounters and painful politics of a modern wedding, we see each character's peculiarities play out in group life. Through word, sound, movement, music and facial expression, the ensemble seeks to live up to the legacy of their mentor, Anna Halprin, by pushing the boundaries of experimental dance.

Terre Unité Parker founded Open Experiments Ensemble in 2008 with artists from different disciplines committed to new performance. Terre creates workshops and performances in natural environments and with pre-school children up to college age; in homeless shelters, holistic conference centers and dance festivals in the United States, Java, and Romania. Since 2003, she has studied and performed with Anna Halprin as a member of Halprin's Sea Ranch Collective and is a certified teacher of Halprin's Movement Ritual and Dance Explorations. Terre is the recipient of the Betty Grenier Award for Dance Research and grant support from the Lyman Fund.

Hysteresis [Phase 1]
The Garage: FRI JAN 15; SAT JAN 16; THUR JAN 21; SAT JAN 23
Choreographed by Pauline Jennings; Music by Sean Clute
Performed by Blaine Bookey, Emily Gorman, Wendy Marinaccio, Jennifer Mellor and Cecelia Peterson

Complex, humorous, quirky and continuously evolving, DOUBLE VISION led by Pauline Jennings and Sean Clute, celebrated their first five years with two ambitious tours. They started with 17 cities in the U.S.; then a two month residency at the Museums Quartier in Vienna, with additional performances in Prague, Zurich and Pecs. Back in the Bay, the company is making their second appearance in the WOW festival. Instigated through the Garage's RAW series, Hysteresis is a new dance with Jennings' signature polyrhythmic movement patterns, contrapuntal groupings and moments of live-triggered responses. "…exhilarating, funny, challenging, complex, beautiful. Un-conventional and experimental, just the way modern dance should be." - Yelp

"Unfettered from the sense that there was something "to get," the viewer's mind was free to drift among associations, the dancers evoking now a flock of birds, now an ocean current, now a windstorm gathering force." - Bonner Odell, IN DANCE

Dana Lawton Dances
The Garage: SAT JAN 16; SAT JAN 23; THUR JAN 28; SUN JAN 31
Choreographed by Dana Lawton
Performed by Dana Lawton, Cathy Davalos, Becky Chun, Lisa Bush, Alisa Rasera, Laura Marlin, Jill Randall, Jennifer Smith and Chantal Sampogna
Composers: David Karagianis and Frank Zincavage

Coastingis a solo in collaboration with composer David Karagianis based on the book Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman, and the concept that "movements of people are unpredictable; the movement of time is predictable." The dancer executes elegant phrasing that loops, bends backward on itself, stutters forward, and challenges the notion of ultimate stillness. Mixed Blessings, has seven dancing mothers with music collage by Sean McCue, and shows the evolution of motherhood through gesture and spoken word. Horse Thief Lake, a quartet in collaboration with composer Frank Zincavage, revolves around four characters that desire to connect with each other, but are lost because of their inability to be vulnerable. The Bay Guardian praised the first section of the piece as "Outstanding" when it premiered at the Harvest Festival, Choreographers Showcase in September 2009. The full-length version is slated to premiere in September 2010.

(Her) Inevitability
The Garage: SUN JAN 17; FRI JAN 22
Jessica Damon & Dancers
Choreographed by Jessica Damon
Performed by Jessica Damon, Kerri Meyers, Juliana Monin, Brianna Taylor and others TBA

The west coast premiere of this evening-length work of dance theater incorporates wildly flung dancing, video projections, intimate partnering, rubber boots and Polaroid pictures. Set in the context of an elegant party full of lovers and strangers the ensemble dances to recorded music by Basia Bulat, Yo Yo Ma, Nina Simone, Windsor for the Derby and others.

Jessica Damon is a dancer, scholar, and choreographer interested in choreographic expressions of the hyper real set against the humanity of our internal landscapes. Her work has been presented at Sans Souci Festival for International Dance Cinema, the Boulder Museum for Contemporary Art, Dance Under Construction, Packing House Center for the Arts, CounterPULSE and ODC's Pilot Program.

Wide Time
The Garage: THUR JAN 21; THUR JAN 28; SAT JAN 30
Alyce Finwall Dance Theater
Choreographed by Alyce Finwall
Performed by Kaitlyn Dykstra, Julia Hollas, Peiling Kao and Emmaly Wiederholt
Music by Jason Hoopes
Video by Loren R. Robertson

A recent transplant from New York City, Alyce Finwall presents a piece for four women confined in a shifting visual environment by Loren R. Robertson with an original composition by Jason Hoopes. She delivers a combination of fearless athleticism intermingled with subtle and restrained movement to create an environment of caged anxieties, desires and fears.

Finwall's choreography possesses a uniquely creative and theatrical style, noted for its "sexiness and intelligence" by the New York Times, and for having a "fierce fluidity in performance and a brooding surrealism in the choreography" by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Her work has been performed throughout the U.S. and in Europe, and has received numerous grants and awards.

The Garage: SUN JAN 24; FRI JAN 29; SAT JAN 30
Birds of a Feather Dance Theater
Created and performed by Miriam Wolodarski

This solo performance art piece is about Ismene, the only survivor of the house of Oedipus, Antigone's sister, the patron saint of apathy, sole witness and translator of a raging, dreaming grief. She is lonely, hard and stark. She is feminine. She's not hysterical. She's just considering the possibility of losing all frames of reference. "Don't recall. Don't imagine. Don't think. Don't examine. Don't control; Rest!"

Miriam Wolodarski's performances integrate disparate disciplines from classical theater to object work to dance and circus arts. She believes in theater as contemplative practice for both creator and observer. She holds an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University; and a Bachelor's in Political Science from Uppsala Universitet.