The World of Paradox
Written and performed by David Facer

Theatrical magician David Facer is your guide in The World of Paradox where his eccentric characters transport the audience into unique episodes all with spellbinding illusions. Jack Winter the Carney will reveal what awaits behind the sideshow curtain; Jakob the Automaton is the mechanical man with a human heart who plans on living forever; Spellvin the Adventurer is a 12 year old innocent prankster whose strong magic even surprises him; and Nicolai the Dream Dweller will share tales of the dreams he's seen, and if he recognizes you in the audience, he may want to bring your dream to life onstage.

David Facer is an award winning magician and illusionist with paradoxical mysteries designed to captivate and excite. Part magic, part dance and performance art, David's eccentric characters and dreamlike visions are unique. He has been showcased at the San Francisco Zoo, Six Flags, Castro Street Fair, The Alcove Theater, plus many nightclubs, cabarets and private events.

Photo of David Facer by Lynne Fried