Footloose presents
Strange Things

Written and performed by Christian Cagigal and Paul Draper

    Strange things happen in the minds and hands of mentalist Paul Draper and magician Christian Cagigal. It's a trip down the rabbit hole that gets "Curiouser and curiouser!"

Please join us for a theatrical event of magic, mind reading and illusion with two internationally acclaimed entertainers.

  • ONE NIGHT ONLY: Saturday April 5 at 8 pm
  • One Grove Street at Market and Hyde in San Francisco's Civic Center near BART and MUNI lines
  • Tickets $20-30 at or 800-838-3006
  • Info/Res: 415-289-2000;

You remind me of a man. What man?
A man with the strange power of voodoo. Who do? You do. Do what?

Strange Things with Christian Cagigal and Paul Draper: They are singularly known all over the world for being highly entertaining and now doubly captivating as a duo interacting with each other and the crowd. Draper's brash and bright style with Cagigal's darker and slightly spooky tone will meet in the middle to make this one night together in San Francisco magical.

Draper is Las Vegas sans sequins and famous for his national television appearances. He can detect liars. He knows the color underwear you are wearing. He bends spoons. He is an actor, mentalist and cultural anthropologist. He uses psychology and his understanding of the human mind to make it look like he knows what you are thinking.

Cagigal is San Francisco's own "sly local treasure" who tells stories and draws you into your own magic powers. He owns an old 3D Stereoscope that sees through time into your memories and moments of déjà vu. Christian was recently named one of "Ten Bay Area artists on their way to becoming icons" by the SF Weekly and voted Best of the Bay for the second time by the Bay Guardian.

The men's friendship began at a secret meeting of magicians in Los Angeles. They quickly discovered their mutual love of mystery, mind reading and old school entertainment. Draper invited Cagigal to perform with him at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. After filling the seats, they were invited back! This year, the men return to the Magic Castle in their own rooms: Draper in the famous Parlour Room and Cagigal in the legendary Close Up Gallery.

Christian Cagigal was recently interviewed and featured in the March 12 SF WEEKLY issue along with producer Mary Alice Fry about the pairing of variety show entertainment and comedy. We are pleased to post quotes and encourage you to read the full article at SF WEEKLY.

"Cagigal, who describes his act as "magic tricks, mind reading, audience participation, and weird things with antiques," mines comedy from the discrepancy between what audiences expect from a magic show and the wonder and befuddlement many of them can't help but feel as he deploys curios and sleights of hand to tell whimsical tales that seem almost real. "I think the comedy I'm creating comes from the situation," he says. "I like to throw off the audience a little bit and let the humor come from the weirdness of the magic effects...."


Paul Draper has appeared on the History Channel, HBO Comedy Fest at Caesar's Palace, on Mindfreak on A&E, HGTV and on documentaries accompanying Steven Spielberg's Poltergeist. In the next few months he will be appear on Pawn Stars, Hell's Kitchen, Home & Family and Ghost Adventures. He has been featured in articles for Psychology Today, Glamour Magazine, Becker's Hospitals Review,, Disney's Family Fun Magazine and many guest contributions for AP and AOL News.

Photos of Paul Draper by David Tada

Christian Cagigal was last year's recipient of a Mastermind Award by the SF Weekly and voted Best of the Bay, for the second time, by the readers of San Francisco Bay Guardian. Cagigal has been an Artist in Residence at EXIT Theatre in San Francisco since 2006 and as Artist in Residence with Beyond the Mountain in Montreal, Quebec, Canada since 2012. His previous shows The 13 Steps, the popular The Pandora Experiment, the long running OBSCURA, the secretive happenings of The Collection which ran for a marathon of 13 straight nights of shows and the critically acclaimed Now and at the Hour (which has been seen in New York, Montréal, Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco) have played to sold out houses and extended runs. He's currently working on the performance film of Now and at the Hourdirected by internationally recognized San Francisco filmmaker H.P. Mendoza.

Photo of Christian Cagigal by Gil Riego Jr.