Footloose presents at SAFEhouse Arts

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 7:30 pm
Margery Kreitman, reads her monologue, Kicking Facebook
Harmony Gates movement theater solo, Right Now

Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 7:30 pm
Genny Lim, poet and Marshall Trammell, percussion
Mo Sati, poet and musician Claude Parker on oud
Black Spirituals: Zachary James Watkins and Marshall Trammell / electro-acoustic duo

SAFEhouse Arts, One Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
Tickets $10-20 at 800-838-3006

Footloose presents two nights of playwrights, poets, musicians and movers who weigh in on politics, social media, karma and improvisation. Press interviews and complimentary tickets are available by contacting producer, Mary Alice Fry.

The first night, Wednesday, January 27, renowned performer/playwright, Margery Kreitman, will read her new serio-comic monologue, Kicking Facebook. Movement theater artist, Harmony Gates will perform her hilarious new solo, Right Now.

On Thursday, January 28, we offer an evening of political discourse and dynamic cultural output which harkens back to the radical 1990's. Genny Lim brings her latest poetry performance collaboration with percussionist Marshall Trammell. Mo Sati, a Palestinian poet is joined by musician, Claude Parker on oud. Plus Black Spirituals round out the program with the healing power of their electro-acoustic music.


Kicking Facebook, Margery Kreitman's new solo serio-comedy, is about her love/hate relationship with social media. After the breakup with her long time partner and lover, she learns to maneuver in the digital world and finds how easy it is to become addicted to electronic life whilst trying to find love, joy emotional support and connection. Her numerous plays have been produced nationally and locally by a wide variety of theaters. We are pleased to support her and director Jayne Wenger in the workshops and in 2016, the full production of Kicking Facebook.

Right Now is Harmony Gates' movement theater solo where she tackles her inner critic head on. Edgy and funny, she uses her hard won formulas for engaging life with abandon to win over audiences and has received positive response to power on! Harmony is willing to put herself in extreme situations to find new perspectives. This round, she takes the plunge to reset her body chemistry in the cold water pool at Harbin Hot Springs (she was a regular member before the Lake County fire this summer). How long can she stand the pain before it flips to pleasure? Follow our Sundance Kid as she faces fear and takes a leap into the unknown.

Liminal Space: Performance poetry by Genny Lim and percussion by Marshall Trammell. Genny Lim traverses the boundaries between poetry and song in diverse music idioms and venues, from traditional Asian, blues, and jazz to the avant-garde. Like Marshall Trammell, who draws from multiple ancient African and indigenous sources as well as modern traditions, Lim's sung poetry melds jazz and blues with lyric poetry, ancient healing mantras and melodies. Lim will expand her repertoire of poetry as a catalyst for social resistance, giving voice to the voiceless and victims of violence and oppression by invoking the full range of her vocal powers to awaken and inspire courage and self-determination. From the routine and mundane to the subtler sub-strata of sounds, frequencies, rhythms, timbres and tones, the duo will map the space utilizing drums, poetry and voice as pathways for the hearer to shift and deepen his or her ways of hearing.

Lim & Trammell have worked together off and on in the Bay Area Creative Music scene in collaboration with Lewis Jordan and most recently at the Black Arts Movement Conference held in Merced, CA in March 2014. This work-in-progress will premiere at the SF International Arts Festival, May 21-22, 2016.

Inciting Sites of Opposition in a politicized space for performance presented by Black Spirituals. Zachary James Watkins and Marshall Trammell make up this Oakland-based, interdisciplinary, electro-acoustic music duo which can be described as "heavy mellow," though the experience of them live is one of intensity and reverence. They draw upon technologies fundamentally and universally embedded in Spirituals, while maintaining an untethered trajectory to the Soul. They will tour the Northwest to the Southwest and back starting in mid-February, 2016.