Part 3 of Nappy Headed Love Story
Written and Performed by Jovelyn Richards

Photo by: Karen Marisa
Jovelyn Richards' current work-in-progress is Part 3 of Nappy Headed Love Story series. This solo performance portrays nine women and a drag queen in Mrs. Pat's House, a brothel, a place called home. It is a story set in the late 1940's and early 1950's in a neighborhood of southern immigrants about people outcast by the social and political system into which they were born. They are colored, or in the case of Ms. Lilly, passing as white. "Ms. Richards has that magic! She is a conjurewoman who weaves a fabulous tale of lust, love, death and is so rare that black women get to share our love stories...A storyteller of the first order! Rhodessa Jones, Cultural Odyssey, Medea Project Artistic Director "I'm going to tell Langston, that I saw Josephine Baker and Zora Neale Hurston on the same stage." Nehemiah Pitts, Black Mask Magazine

Jovelyn Richards, MFA, Professional Storyteller and Stand-Up Comedienne is co-author of the novel The Onion that won the Digest Merit Award; author of Raising Autumn Colored Babies; Beyond Vanity; and various other published works. Her written and stage performances include, The Diaries of Aunt Jemima; Harlem Nights; Flowers Cut in a vase and Dying; and Pussy Will Sell a Lot Longer than Cotton Any Day. She received the Playwright Center of Minnesota's, Many Voices Award for 1993 & 1997, and the Intermediate Arts' Artist of Color Award for 1995 and 1998. Her recent work Come Home premiered at The Marsh in February, 2008.