Footloose presents at The Garage
Karl Frost/Body Research

  • Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 8 pm
  • The Garage, 715 Bryant Street, San Francisco (bet. 5th & 6th)
  • Limited general seating - Advance purchase recommended
  • $15-30 - the more you give the more the dancers get!
  • or call 1-800-838-3006
  • Info/Res 415-289-2000,,,

    IMPROVISING TOUCH is an improvised deconstruction of TOCAME! the interactive performance directed by Karl Frost with performer/collaborators Kevin Dockery, Jordan Stout, Jote Mahern, Utam Moses, Megan Lowe, Daniel Larlham, Nitipat Ong Polchai and Natalia Carballo.

    Come watch some beautiful movers and smart human beings processing human touch and physical contact.

    With Tocame! as a shared reference for an open improvisation, the performers alternately adhere to, bend and break the structure as they react to, explore, and challenge the material of the piece. The performers are on their own, improvising with live interest and engagement.

    As the audience moves to their seats, they are presented with a collage of vignettes exploring modes and notions of touch, contact, and connection. Contrasting territories of the senses, kinetics, emotion, memory, pleasure, provocation, and the body are distilled into a series of micro-investigations. Intimate and public personas are blurred.

    There is much to watch, but there are also opportunities for physical interaction for the physically curious and those who like to watch with their bodies. The piece ends with a blur into an informal frame of conviviality. Please stay afterwards if you are so moved.

    What the press has said about previous interactive works of Karl Frost/Body Research:

    "...something startling but strangely beautiful to behold."
    MOLLY RHODES, SF Weekly (San Francisco, August 2007)

    "...absolutely beautiful and breathtaking to watch. I felt I was truly able to connect with the performance and become swept up in what I was watching."
    ANNETA KONSTANTINIDES, The Aggie (Davis, February 2011)

    "I feel spectacular: vibrant, alive, liberated and stimulated in a way I haven't felt in months. Every nerve of my body tingles."
    JENNY LOWER, VC Reporter (Ventura, January 2008)

    "I left the theater shell-shocked. It was easily the oddest, most surprising performance experience I've ever had. And, against all expectations, one of the most rewarding."
    BRENDAN KILEY, The Stranger (Seattle 2005)