Excerpts from Sweet Deliverance
Written and performed by Vixen Noir aka Veronica C. Combs

Photo by: Monica Wilson
Vixen Noir (aka Veronica C. Combs) performs excerpts from her new solo, Sweet Deliverance. The piece traces her personal sexual evolution from sensual toddler to erotic teenager to coming out as a lesbian to drug-induced twenty-something. In this funny, edgy, sexy and raucous one-woman show, Vixen gets down and dirty with her grandmother, Sweet, as she sets out to prove that her smutty ways were passed down through her matriarchal bloodline. Vixen believes, "I came out of my mother's womb sexually charged!" In a fierce mix of storytelling, poetry, monologues, songs, burlesque and contemporary dance, punctuated by excerpts from her interviews with Sweet, Vixen rides you to an explosive, mind-bending, toes-curling climax that just might make you look at your own sexuality in a whole different light!

Veronica Combs is a San Francisco-based erotic performance artist and burlesque dancer, actress, poetess, modern/jazz dancer, singer as well as director, producer, choreographer and filmmaker who has been wowing audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad with her sexy jaw-dropping performances for more than 12 years! In 2007, Vixen Noir made her mark in Australia where she gave crowd-pleasing performances at Sydney's world-famous Gurlesque, a Lesbian Strip Club hosted by the divine Sex Intents and Glita Supernova. She also brought the house down at the Sly Fox's Queer Central, Vanessa Wagner's World Famous Amateur Strip Comp, and at Hellfire, Sydney's premiere fetish club. In Melbourne, she was a Midsumma Festival favorite as she strutted her stuff in Tranzlesbian Gendermash and the sold-out raucous rock event, Rock Strip!

One of Veronica's most notable claims is as founder and former Artistic Director of liquidFIRE Productions, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization dedicated to the authentic representation of lesbians and queer women of color on stage (1997 - 2006). She is the mastermind behind the organization's theatre company, The liquidFIRE Project, whose original productions celebrated erotic power.