Footloose presents
Bitch and Tell: A real funny variety show


The shows in this popular, ongoing series hit a nerve with audiences who want innovative and hilarious hybrid creations. The internationally known and award-winning performers get to the heart of what makes us laugh and happily share the stage in this variety comedy format. Returning guests and new faces bring stand up, music, physical comedy, clown, juggling, magic and improvisation to Piano Fight.

Bob McIntyre and Jocelyn Alive are each writing one person shows and will perform excerpts. The Kari & Emily Show is a duo bringing personal material and interacting with the audience. Bri Crabtree, the goddess of gravity, and Fred Anderson, the world class juggler bring their sensational concepts and broaden our visual and physical perceptions of comedy performance. Talented professionals from the SF Circus Center's Clown Conservatory, Sophia Knox-Miller and Cara McClendon have been in an intensive training under the direction of Joe Dieffenbacher and Dan Griffiths. Their new duet will have a full-length run this fall. And improv groups will mix it up: all female Vagina Jones and all male Boarding Party along with Cat Dance.

SF Weekly March 12, 2014: The Undergroundlings: Bitch and Tell Heralds a Comeback for Highbrow Comic Variety Shows by feature writer Lily Janiak: "A variety show could hardly be truer to the genre than Bitch and Tell...And all are comedians - in their own ways. Yet these acts are not your typical comedy club routines, so that's where producer Mary Alice Fry came in.... The comedians, broadly defined, in Bitch and Tell specialize in thoughtful, observational humor, and they also play with the form of comedy in exciting ways." Read full article at

Bitch and Tell performance schedule for June 2015:

  • FRI JUNE 19: Bri Crabtree, Bob McIntyre, Vagina Jones, Sophia Knox-Miller/Cara McClendon
  • SAT JUNE 20: Fred Anderson, Boarding Party, Jocelyn Alive, Cat Dance plus The Kari & Emily Show.


    FRED ANDERSON does it all: high energy combo of stand-up comedy, crazy stunts, magic & escape-artistry. His live appearances have taken him the world over to festivals and events including 2 World Expos, The Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, The Lincoln Center Summer Out-of-Doors Festival, The Festival Praha in Prague, the New York Comedy Festival and for the past 8 years The Edinburgh Fringe. His TV appearances include "Comedy Express" on Fox "An Evening at the Improv" on A&E and "New York Street Performers" on PBS. He will perform and be the host for Saturday night.

    BRI CRABTREE is a San Francisco based circus artist specializing in juggling and variety entertainment. From ropes to parasols to hats, Bri astounds and delights audiences worldwide with her personality and props. She creates a fantasy world in which the laws of gravity and logic act weirdly unconventional. Bri's eccentric characters behave strangely as well combining juggling, clown, dance, physical theater, and illusion. Bri has been juggling and unicycling for over 10 years. She is a member of the International Jugglers Association and World Clown Association and also holds a degree in Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology. Bri will perform and host the Friday night show.

    BOB MCINTYRE is torn between being a waiter and a comedian. He is really good at both jobs. After 34 years working in 24-hour diners, TGI Fridays and sports bars, Bob was prompted by Producer Mary Alice Fry to put it all together in a one man show called Please Wait to Be Seated. His hilarious storytelling can be seen at EL RIO and other clubs. In last year's holiday hit, Strangers With XXXMas Candy, Bob starred in the role of beloved 46-year-old junkie, whore, high school student, Jerri Blank. Dreams on the Rocks Productions will reprise the show with live episodes in May at EXIT Theatre and will present Barbella: Live on Stage and In Space in July this year.

    SOPHIA KNOX-MILLER and CARA McCLENDON are Tiny & Tall, the creators of Locked Up: a wordless story about how two clowns in prison pass the time and maybe even escape! With the support and masterful eyes of clown mentors, Slater Penney and Dan Griffiths, they premiered at the 2013 New York Clown Theatre Festival and were recently part of Fool's Month at SF's Mojo Theatre. An excerpt will be shown at Bitch and Tell. The full-length version will have a run this fall.

    Sophia Knox-Miller toured for ten years with FlacFloc youth dance and physical theatre company in Paris. Dance led her to contortion, acrobatics and clown. After a season performing at Disneyland Paris, she crossed the pond to San Francisco last year to study at the SF Clown Conservatory and has since devised solo, duo and group work with many talented clowns. She will perform in PantoSF's 2015 Holiday production at Marine's Memorial Theatre. Cara McClendon began clown in 2008 with the all-women's circus, Wise Fool in New Mexico. She studied at Dell'Arte International in 2010-2011 and recently at the SF Clown Conservatory. Cara joined the Naked Empire Bouffon Company who placed third in the final round in Pianofight's 2015 "Shortlived Contest." Photo by Beda Mulzer.

    VAGINA JONES is all about improv, comedy and syncing up their cycles. Chelsea Larsson, Chrysteena Lairamore, Julie Katz, Kaeli Quick, Keara McCarthy and Stacy Beckley are the first all-female team to be birthed from EndGames Improv. They produce San Francisco's only Lady Jam. They have over 25 years of performing under their collective belt including membership with local teams such as The Recchia, Classy Pants, Chivalry Club, UQAQUA, and Platonic Motorboats; in Chicago with iO Chicago; The Annoyance Theatre, Second City, Comedy Sportz; and in NYC with Upright Citizens Brigade. Festival appearances include SF Sketchfest, SF Improv Fest, Femprovisor Fest, and The Del Close Marathon.

    BOARDING PARTY is a highly potent, long-form improv troupe. Anton Shuster, Colin Timmins, Peter Chapman and Sean Marney make up this four-headed love monster that combined in 2014 and has been selling out theaters ever since. They come from BATS, Leela, Simps and other actor training workshops to bring audiences intelligent improv emphasizing fun! These confident performers with undeniable chemistry bounce from zany Victorian tea parties to fantastical universes to living room couches with the greatest of ease.

    KARI NOELLE McCULLOUGH and EMILY DREVETS are The Kari & Emily Show described as "Two women. One stage. One spirit. Emily takes to the stage like a lion takes to its kingdom. Kari takes to Emily like the lion poacher. It's confusing, symbiotic and magical." Sharing their stories, passions and love for food, Kari & Emily merge sketch, stand up and improv. Recently, they created "Date This!" a cross between improv and a dating game show that always ends with a filmed episode of the date.

    JOCELYN ALIVE will perform excerpts from her one-woman musical and improv show. Her condensed bio goes from birth through her teens as a dancer, actor and songwriter to performing original music in NYC at the iconic Café Siné, to a musical home on the Lower East Side at The Fort at Sidewalk Café where she was touted for her raw honesty and spirited, original a cappella songs. Locally, she has performed her music with a variety of gifted bandmates. She joined Leela's Performing Improv Ensemble (P.I.E.) in 2013 and performed with Robots to Rebels and the all-women True Medusa. After auditioning for a film role in 2013 where she improvised a bedroom scene, she got the idea for The Unwritten Bedroom duo. She asked fellow Leela student, Bennett Chabot, to join her and they've been improvising in bed for audiences ever since. Jocelyn is a writer, copy editor, visual artist, musician, and community organizer. Photo by Lisa Keating.

    CAT DANCE is a long form improv group featuring at various times: Nick Coluzzi, Matt Dunn, Krish Eswaran, Craig Gaspian, Michael Fox Manziello, Dwayne McDaniel, Ashley Siebels, Jon Skulski, Michael Williams, and Bruce Yelaska.