Footloose presents
Bitch & Tell: A real funny variety show

Photo of Tracy Shapiro by Lynne Fried / graphic design by Bruce Yelaska

  • Written and performed by Tracy Shapiro, David Gborie, Carolé Acuña, Allison Mick, Mary-Alice McNab, Carl and Beatrice, Bruce Yelaska and Harmonica Trio.
  • Friday and Saturday, July 19 and 20 at 8 pm
  • The Garage, 715 Bryant Street, San Francisco, 94103
  • Tickets $8-10 at or 800-838-3006
  • Info/Res: 415-289-2000;

    San Francisco, California, June 18, 2013: Footloose presents Bitch & Tell: A real funny variety show, Friday and Saturday, July 19 and 20, 2013 8:00 pm show at The Garage in San Francisco. Interviews can be arranged with performers and complimentary tickets are available by contacting producer, Mary Alice Fry.

    Footloose Director/Producer, Mary Alice Fry, is on a roll attracting comedic talent who can get to the heart of what makes us laugh without being gross, moronic, and pandering. Tracy Shapiro exemplies the young performer who resisted identifying as a comic due to an impression of comedy as a rather antagonistic and caustic sport. Tracy has since embraced the field full of crazies with big hearts and humor. Fry was at a recent Piano Fight show where Tracy sang her original, hilarious songs and got audience members to join her onstage. Her natural wit, charm and comedic timing won over the crowd. It turns out Tracy is writing a one-woman show and when it's ready, Fry will produce it. Tracy will host and perform her songs throughout the July 19 and 20 shows with the following lineup:

    Tracy Shapiro with guests David Gborie, Mary-Alice McNab, Carl and Beatrice, and Harmonica Trio.

    Tracy Shapiro with guests David Gborie, Allison Mick, Bruce Yelaska, Carl and Beatrice, and Carolé Acuña.


    Tracy Shapiro, musician/comedian is singlehandedly responsible for the emergence of the groundbreaking and boundary pushing Elevator RiotGal movement. Tracy's courtship of music and comedy breeds stream of consciousness with rap ballads, cheeky punk and not-so-ladylike confessionals. While playing music venues, comedy clubs, warehouses, and theaters throughout New York City and Brooklyn, Tracy slowly gave in to the sweet intoxication of audience laughter. She spent a summer on tour with The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and is now doing shows in the Bay Area while preparing for the debut of her one woman punk-rap opera. Tracy is also in the rock band Steel Cranes. They are not funny. -

    Photo of Tracy Shapiro by Lynne Fried

    David Gborie was recently named one of SF Weekly's "Top 10 Comics to watch." He's a regular at all the Bay Area clubs and has performed across the country on the festival circuit. He's a member of Sylvan Productions.

    Photo of David Gborie by Andrew Moore

    Carolé Acuña is a comedian, writer, actor, dancer and flamenco dancer. She has appeared in film, television, commercials, as well as performed in various plays and comedic sketches as a member of Piano Fight. She was featured in the March, 2013 issue of Sunset Magazine as "Living the Dream." She has performed her standup set at The Punchline, Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club, San Jose Improv, The Purple Onion, Shelton Theatre, SF Comedy Club, Caroline's (New York), Martini Blues (Huntington Beach).

    "Acuña expertly raises one eyebrow and with her chin up, she balances on a three-inch stiletto heel. Suddenly, the comedienne slumps, lowering her foot and eyebrow simultaneously as she delivers her punchline on stage in front of a laughing audience." - Janice De Jesus, Contra Costa Times

    Allison Mick is new to the San Francisco standup scene. She got her start in comedy by making her therapist laugh. Now she is a crowd pleaser everywhere from the Mission to Civic Center, including the opening of Bitch and Tell in May at The Garage. Her observations on sex, race, and fast food have been called "funny" by more than one person.

    Photo of Allison Mick by Colin Hussey

    Mary-Alice McNab made her local comedy debut New Year's Eve, 2011 at the Purple Onion. She has since lunged and pelvic-thrusted her way across every main comedy club stage in SF. With her physicality and charismatic storytelling, she paints a picture of her religiously uptight upbringing and what it's like breaking out of those restraints in a city with zero boundaries. Watching her become self aware is both entertaining and enlightening. -

    Harmonica Trio is Martin Robinson, Marcia Aguilar and Kosho. They perform improvisational theater as soloists and in groups at Shotwell Studios, The Garage, Wildcat Studio, the Marsh, Off-Market Theater, Leela Shows and various open mics.

    Carl and Beatrice is the hilarious musical duo of James Sundquist and Audrey Spinazola. With their ingeniously constructed suitcase drum kit, original participatory numbers and old time classics they travel everywhere and anywhere. They are the house band for several monthly cabarets in San Francisco.

    Bruce Yelaska is a Graphic/Product Designer at Bruce Yelaska Design and teaches at UC Berkeley Extension. He's also an improviser and 20% of the improv comedy group Moosehead.

    Photo of Bruce Yelaska by Colin Hussey