Bargaining With God

Written, choreographed and performed by Kristen Rulifson and Lauren Godla

With opening guest singer/songwriters:
Wed. March 15 - Morgan Bollender
Thur. March 16 - Hannah Levy

Plus visual art installation by Roxanne Sarraille

  • Wednesday and Thursday, March 15 and 16, 2017 at 8:00 pm
  • SAFEhouse Arts, One Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
  • Info/Res: 510-658-3530
  • Tickets $10-20  |  

Bargaining with God is written, choreographed and performed by Kristen Rulifson and Lauren Godla. Two passionate strong performers take their curiosity in many directions to find out what happens when they bargain their way through life. They take emotional risks--from shame to shameless. They take physical risks--from athletic and acrobatic to playful and quirky. Sometimes funny, sometimes dead serious, they challenge themselves and the audience to navigate their way through the unknown with an adventurous spirit.

Kristen Rulifson and Lauren Godla of FloorPlay photo by Louis Bryant


Judith Kajiwara is an independent choreographer and solo Butoh performing artist. A life-long dancer, in 1994, Kajiwara began self-studying Butoh. She performed her first Butoh solo, The Ballad of Machiko, in 1995, and has since created countless works for the stage. Using Butoh as a catalyst for raising and awakening consciousness, her works are both shamelessly provocative and deeply thoughtful. Her most recent ensemble work, Randomness of Nothingness (2016), challenges the boundaries between reality and illusion. Her most recent solo work, Cellar (2016), reveals a fragile mental state that gently traverses the line between insanity and insanity.

Genny Lim is the current San Francisco Jazz Poet Laureate. Her poetry and music collaboration continues with longtime friend Francis Wong and more recently with Marshall Trammell. DON'T SHOOT! is premiered as part of Lim's ongoing relationship with producer, Mary Alice Fry. She performed in Women on the Way festivals and in Falling Flags presented by Footloose. Lim and Trammell premiered Black Geomancy and Liminal Space with Footloose and moved the show to the San Francisco International Arts Festival in 2016. Other collaborations with jazz legends include Max Roach, Jerry Gonzalez, Herbie Lewis, Fred Ho and local musicians, John Santos, Jon Jang, Anthony Brown and the Asian American Orchestra. San Francisco born of Chinese-Chuchi American descent, Lim has worked as a CBS News Broadcast Associate and has been a featured poet at World Poetry Festivals in Venezuela, Sarajevo and Italy. Her award-winning play Paper Angels aired on PBS American Playhouse in 1985. Reprised in 2010, it received the San Francisco Fringe Festival Best Site Specific Award. Lim is author of four poetry collections, Winter Place, Child of War, Paper Gods and Rebels and Kra!, and co-author of Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island.

Francis Wong is a prolific recording artist, featured on more than 40 titles as a leader and sideman. For over two decades, he has performed his innovative brand of jazz and creative music for audiences in North America, Asia, and Europe with such with such luminaries as Jon Jang, Tatsu Aoki, Genny Lim, William Roper, Bobby Bradford, James Newton, Joseph Jarman, Don Moye, Glenn Horiuchi, John Tchicai, and Fred Anderson. Wong is considered one of "the great saxophonists of his generation" by the late jazz critic, Phil Elwood.

Marshall Trammell is a percussionist and Chief Investigator at Music Research Strategies, his platform for creative inquiry and social engagement. He is a Bay Area-based percussionist who has collaborated with Pauline Oliveros, Suzanne Thorpe, Dohee Lee, Hong-Kai Wang (Taiwan), Genny Lim, Saul Williams, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Leon Sun, Francis Wong, Jon Jang, Chris Cogburn, Donald Robinson, William Winant and India Cooke. Trammell performs in the electro-acoustic duo, Black Spirituals, who tour extensively in Europe and North America. They performed in special locations including the All Ears Festival, Norway (2017), Issue Project Room (NYC), the Exploratorium Resonance Series (SF) and Heritage Hall in Guelph, Canada. |

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FloorPlay is a new dance theater company based in Oakland, co-directed by Kristen Rulifson and Lauren Godla. They met in 2009 teaching dance for UC Davis Youth Programs and went on to earn their degrees in Neurology, Pathology, and Behavior and Exercise Biology respectively with minors in Dance and Performance. Both women are deeply rooted in their relationship to the earth, acrobatics, modern dance, contact improvisation and yoga.

Kristen Rulifson spent the last 2 years working for Health Corps, developing and directing a dance company for at-risk youth in Sacramento. She studied as an Expressive Arts Therapist with the Tamalpa Institute. She is dancing and performing throughout the West Coast.

Lauren Godla studies and teaches yoga and dance. Her ongoing love affair with rivers takes shape in performances and play on rivers. She directs an Art Adventure Collective called Breathing Bridges. Footloose is funded by Grants for the Arts/SF Hotel Tax Fund and generous individuals and businesses.